About Paper Crane

This is Crys WoodCrys Wood is proofreader, editor, and formatter at Paper Crane Publishing, having made a career from her innate pickiness and love of words.

With education, training, and experience in both architectural and instructional design, she brings exceptional creativity and clarity to her clients’ writing projects. These authors, entrepreneurs, and organizations value her insightful questions, thoroughness, and sense of humor.

A writer herself, Crys appreciates each client’s unique writing voice and maintains its distinctive tone as she untangles knotted paragraphs, blends choppy sentences, and clears away mistakes that would muddy their message.

She lives not-so-quietly in Big Sky Country with her sweet and cranky old man, a cat who is all that and more, and dozens of books she hasn’t (yet!) read.

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You’ll find her painfully out-of-date blog here »  cryswood.com