About Paper Crane

Words are flowing out like endless rain
Into a paper cup
They slither wildly as they slip away
Across the universe.
~John Lennon

Do you write? Yeah, me too.

Do you have words piling up on your desk (or in your computer) because you write a helluvalot but publish only a little? Or do you often post online—on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter—or send a ton of email, and so you’ve published words aplenty, but they’re scattered across time and space? I totally get that.

Do you dream of publishing a book but think you don’t have anything (or enough) to say, feel you don’t know what to write about or aren’t exactly sure how to get your words out into the world? Yup. I hear you.

So here’s the first thing…

I believe that among your uncollected words is a book-in-progress. Maybe more than one. Whether you express yourself through writing or teach with speech, if you routinely share your thoughts then you’ve already written a book, and the next step is to gather it up.

And so I offer private book Noodling sessions, where we can spend 90 minutes exploring your words, assessing what you’ve written and uncovering the book(s) that are waiting there.

Or if you’ve collected your words but aren’t sure what to do with them, we can brainstorm what’s the best container for your content. A book isn’t the only way to spread the word, and it may not be the best way for you, this time. There are heaps of ways to get the word out, and we can tour them all.

I can also guide you on a treasure hunt through your blog, social media channels, and other writing haunts to extract the precious gems that are shiny enough to carry a chapter or be the base of a book.

If you feel there’s gotta be something you can do with your words, we can Noodle on that together.

And another thing…

In my experience, writing projects are a light and welcome burden until they go unfinished. After awhile, they get increasingly cumbersome, like just about anything that’s carried for too long. Left undone, the weight of unfinished projects diminishes our capacity for other things…for fun, for relationships, for other work, for self-love and self-care.

When too many things go left undone, or even just one very large thing, there’s always something else we should be doing, somewhere else we should be. There’s this constant, latent tug at our attention. The continuous call of our lingering commitments distract us from the here and now, the people around us, and other opportunities that wait for us.

The solution is simple, though not easy: Finish them up or put them down.

Soon you’ll find articles about getting things done or letting them go at The Finish Line, and those are also things we can Noodle about together, privately.

One last thing…

Getting your words out into the world has never been easier than it is right now and, bless me, it’s getting easier all the time. Digital technology and the Web have made a new world of publishing.

Some things will never change, though: Your writing needs editing and proofreading to be at its best. In the end, your manuscript will require a buff and polish. If you could use help with those, I’m not an editor, but I know people who are. I am a keen proofreader, though, and adept at formatting ebooks for the Kindle.

I also aim to help you help yourself, so I’ll write about how to do those things on your own at The Finish Line.

When it comes to getting your words ready for the world, one way or another, I’m here to assist with that.

And if it helps…

I’m a writer, too, and have wrestled with all the things I write and talk about—and I still do.

The questions I ask you, I have asked myself. The writing and publishing hurdles you’ll inevitably bump into have left their marks on me, too, and surely will again. I haven’t seen it all, but I’ve seen enough to know to approach the writing process with ruthless compassion, a gentle touch, reckless enthusiasm, and a sense of humor.

Because OMG writing. And publishing. What a crazy way to go crazy, right? : -)

And it’s 100% worth it to see our words off our desks and out in the world doing some good, especially when that frees up space in our hearts and heads so we can be present for our lives and savor the people, experiences and opportunities we’re offered.

If you want to have a word with me, feel free to send me a note or find me on Facebook. I’d love to hear what you’re up to and see how I can help.