When to publish your writing drop by drop (and who can help)

Saying a lot in little bits over a long time—it’s a thing. Read on…

Sometimes a book isn’t the right container for what you’ve written, or maybe it’s just not the best answer or the only one. This is what I mean…

Some writing lends itself to being delivered gradually. Like this—

  • A complicated step-by-step process where each step requires undivided attention (and no skipping ahead),
  • A thought-provoking series of prompts where ideally your readers/students would give due consideration to each chapter before moving on to the next,
  • Content that builds to an unseen conclusion, maybe even a surprising one, such as writing prompts that sum to a draft of an About page or questions about preferences that become a diagram of personal style.

You see it, yes? Sometimes you want readers to pay attention, sometimes you want them to slow down, sometimes you want to keep secrets, sometimes you want to surprise them, and you can’t really do that with a book, yeh?

With a book they have full control over the pace and sequence of their reading, but with email you stay in charge. They can always choose not to read the message or do the work—you can lead a student to class but you can’t make them think ;+) —but with what’s called a drip campaign or autoresponder series you can keep the lesson in line.

MailChimp has a powerful Automation mechanism for just that purpose, and so does Aweber. Both are paid services, but my free MailChimp account is Automation-able so older accounts may have grandfathered into the feature.

If you could use some help with editing and proofreading your writing, I’d love to help.

And if your writing is ready to go, these kind and clever techies can set up your Automation & Autoresponders for you!

Sarah Marie Lacy
Sarah Marie Lacy
Victoria Potts Keale
Victoria Potts Keale