Have you done much (or any) blogging yet this year for your business?

Yeah, me neither. Or last year, to be honest. And I’ve been pondering on how to turn that around for this year, and every year after. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Find business blog post ideas on our Big DigIf you’re like me, you can make time to write, the problem is dreaming up something interesting and engaging to write about.

Every. Friggin’. Week.

But I’ve realized it’s totally okay if you (and I) can’t think of anything off the top of our heads. We don’t need to — ideas are everywhere!

We don’t need to dream up blog post topics, we only need to find them, because wherever there’s a question or a conversation, there’s a topic worth writing about. It’s that simple. And yet…

How do you know which of the bazillion things being asked after and talked about are the best for your business blog?

Well, the topics that will help you gather more clients, sell more stuff, or whatever it is you really want, of course!

And now that I’ve done some exploring of my own, I can help you with both where to look for engaging topics and what you should be looking for.

The Hunt Starts Here!

Our Quest:
Gather 52+ engaging topics
so your weekly blog posts
can give your readers what they want
– while also getting you what you want –
for the rest of this year and into the next.

Our first Big Dig starts on Monday, March 6 (but you’re welcome to sign up until Wednesday, March 22!), when we’ll go on a guided treasure hunt through familiar, favorite, and far-flung places that will be rich with topics for your blog.

In weekly bite-sized chunks by email, you’ll first explore and discover the best things for you to look for (to make sure you bring back some real gems), and then I’ll show you the best places to look first, next, and last (for a more effective trek).

How This Works

Starting Monday, March 6, you’ll receive a weekly email that includes a lesson with a worksheet, action steps, or both:

  • Creating Your Compass
    • Lesson #1 – What Do You (Really) Want to Write?
    • Lesson #2 – What Do Your Readers (Really) Want to Read?
    • Lesson #3 – Your Blog’s Sweet Spot
  • Maps for Your Big Dig
    • Lesson #4 – What’s That In Your Pocket?
    • Lesson #5 – Exploring Your Private Island
    • Lesson #6 – Searching the Seven(ty million zillion) Seas
  • Beyond Our Big Dig
    • Lesson #7 – Now What?

That’s seven weeks of learning, exploration, and discovery, but you won’t have to wait until the end of the class to start blogging again! I suspect you’ll start spotting topics to blog about during Lesson #2, and I encourage you to start publishing as soon as you can – the world is waiting for you :-)

By Lesson #7, you should have at least 52 blog post topics to write about – which is enough for you to publish weekly until this time next year.

And if you don’t find the 52+ topics we’re aiming for on our quest? I’ve got your back. Send me your completed worksheets and the list of topics you’ve found so far, and I’ll help you get the rest of the way.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get more readers, more Likes, or that you’ll blog better or more often as a result of this class. Oh, how I wish I had that magic wand – I’d use it on myself!

But I can promise that if you read the Big Dig lessons and complete the worksheets, you’ll have a clearer, more comprehensive view of what you and your readers are looking for and, through those, the blog post topics that can best serve you, your business, and your readers.
This is Crys Wood
And hey, I’m Crys Wood, your guide on the Big Dig. I’ve been blogging on and off with mixed results for 7 years, and I would love for both of us to be more consistent and effective with our blogging. I believe topics that give our readers what they want (and get us what we want) are the key to that, so I’ve created the Big Dig as a grand experiment. I can’t wait to see what happens!

The Big Dig is for you if…

  • You’ve stopped blogging (or haven’t started) because you don’t know what to write about.
  • Your blog posts have readers but zero results.
  • You’re sick/tired of thinking up something to write about every week, and you’d like guidance for building a list of topics to carry on with.

The Big Dig is not for you if…

  • You’re not sure what you’re selling or who your clients/customers are.
  • You expect/require immediate, guaranteed results from your blogging.
  • You’re a fan of President Trump.

Register for the Big Dig

The last day to sign up is Wednesday, March 22. got questions? Send me a note with your ask and I’ll reply ASAP.

$49 USD
one-time payment for 7 weekly lessons + worksheets by email

secure payment via card or PayPal