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Find the Sweet Spot for Your Business’ Blog

If you haven’t been blogging much (or at all) for your business, I get it.

You already know that blogging can be a powerful tool for bringing in new clients or selling more of your stuff, and there are plenty of businesses that thrive through their weekly posts.

But you may be discouraged if your business hasn’t been one of them, and you may have wondered why blogging hasn’t done you any good when it does such fab things for others.

Have you ever published what you thought was a great post but no one else was interested in it? Or put something out there that had plenty of readers but nothing else to show for it — no jump in sales or sign ups or interest in what you do? Yeah, me too. And you may have asked yourself (like I did):

  • Did I need a different headline?
  • Am I publishing too often … or not often enough?
  • Was the post too long … or too short?

Well, maybe. Or maybe you haven’t yet found the sweet spot for your business blog.

Where You’ll Find Your Sweet Spot

“You will get all you want in life
if you help enough other people get what they want.”

~Zig Ziglar
world-renowned author, salesman & motivational speaker

Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Business Blog
Sweet Spot = Real Science

Did you know that a baseball bat has what they call a sweet spot? I’m thinking that applies to other things too. Check this out—

A sweet spot is a precise point on a baseball bat where you get maximum response for a given amount of effort. Any place along it will send the ball flying, of course – I mean, it’s just a stick – BUT there’s one particular spot that results in the most powerful hits.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

What’s sweet for a baseball bat also goes for your business blog posts: Length matters, frequency matters, and headlines really matter, but nothing matters unless you have a topic which hits that sweet spot – that seemingly magical point of connection for your business and your readers.

There are still those others factors to keep in mind — length, frequency, headlines, and more — but I believe you’ll have the best chance at a big hit when your blog post topics are BOTH:

  1. What your people really want to read about, and
  2. What you really want to write about.

The business blogging sweet spot

Pretty simple, right? And maybe kinda obvious. And yet a lot of folks (including me!) invest a lot of time in creating strong headlines and refining social media strategy for blog posts that are sure to fall flat. My big lesson from years of aimless, fruitless blogging?

Find your ideal blog topics
before focusing on blogging tactics.

We can make a guess at what to write about with hopes that our readers will be interested – and we often do  – but that’s a heckofalotta writing effort for iffy results. Why guess when there’s a wealth of ideas waiting to be dug up and picked out that our readers are more likely to enjoy?

I say: Guesses can lead to successes, but mostly they don’t. I think we’ll get farther faster with our blogs if we —

Stop guessing,
and start digging!

Before I share my list of 17 places to dig for your sweetest blog post topics, in the next article I’ll offer secure, flexible, and easily accessible places to stash all the good stuff you find.

And if it helps…

When our Big Dig starts in March, the first thing we’ll do is discover your blog’s very own sweet spot by exploring two Whats and uncovering one big Why —

  • WHAT you really want (for yourself, your business, and your readers)
  • WHAT your readers really want (and how much they want it)
  • WHY you’re blogging at all
    hint: It has a lot to do with what you really want + what they really want

There will be worksheets!

And when you know those three things – those two What’s and that big Why – you’ll know just what to look for (and what to ignore) when you go digging around for the best topics for your blog.

Our Quest on the Big Dig:
Gather 52+ topics so you can write weekly blog posts that give your readers what they want
— while also getting you what you want —
for the rest of this year and into the next.

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