Where to dig for book ideas

That book or class you want to write? I bet you already wrote it. Read on…

So here’s a thing. When my sister and I talked about her 10-week trip to Bali, she mused that it would be fab to earn some cash while she was away…if only.

Come to find she’s written 3 journal pages every morning for over a year—Julia Cameron’s classic Morning Pages. I noted that somewhere in those tens of thousands of words is a theme, a recurring topic, some facet of a-day-in-the-life that could be massaged into a Kindle book I could format and upload to Amazon for her. She is TOTALLY on that, btw.

Then I pointed out the morning pages she writes while she’s traveling could be the source of another great Kindle book, and within 30 minutes we’d locked in the book’s title, subtitle, cover image, and more.

So when you think you might like to write a book or design a class or create posters for Instagram, remember you don’t have to cast far and wide for ideas and content. I bet you dollars to donuts—because carbs are currency—that something you’ve already written can be expanded or collected into what you’re aiming for.

A few places to look—

  • Your diary, journal, or morning pages
  • Your Inbox and Sent box (questions asked and answered)
  • Your blog (categories, themes, popular posts)

Another thing to remember: 20,000 words is plenty enough for a non-fiction Kindle book. My sister will write 40,000-50,000 words worth of morning pages while she’s in Bali, plenty enough to pare down and fine-tune into a book. Your weekly blog posts are plenty enough, too, and I can format them especially for the Kindle.

Wow. Can you imagine the brilliance that’s on your desk or in your email or within your website just waiting to be unearthed? If you’d like my help pulling it together, send me a note and we’ll see what we can do.