Pick My Brain About Books with Crys Wood

Pick My Brain About Books

Got questions about writing or publishing your book?

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, or publishing a book you’ve already written, and find yourself tangled in the many options or don’t see any options at all, I can help.

I’m an ideal sounding board for whatever you have in mind. I am not a Yes (wo)man, however. You can count on me to take a hard look and ask the tough questions, although I’ll do that in a tender way.

I’m known for helping folks—

  • Expand and explore the possibilities in a single idea,
  • Wrangle wild and unruly ideas,
  • Sift through a pile of ideas for ones worth keeping, and
  • Clarify offers and product ideas.

I would love to help you, too.

When you ask for my opinion or perspective, you’re tapping into a weird and wonderful range of education, work and life experiences. From architecture and instructional design student to tech support and database developer to having an online business and becoming a writer, from washing dishes at a college town steakhouse to solo travel halfway around the world: I have done a lot, I have seen a lot, and I sure as heck have learned a lot.

Your ideas will also benefit from my deep dabbling in various enthusiasms, plus my brain’s even balance of math and language, analysis and art—a rare thing. It tends to arrive at interesting places and make connections others might miss.

And everything you say in your 90-minute session and any messages leading up to it are private and confidential, protected by what one of my clients calls “The Cone of Silence”. Your ideas are safe with me.

The 60+ minute Pick My Brain session is $125 USD via PayPal
and scheduled on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon (Eastern US time zone).

What My Clients Say

Crys, I want to thank you for your help with Wishes on the Water, my Leap Day Ritual offering. I came to you with nothing more than the barest idea and a load of passion, and in less than an hour you had helped me name it, flesh it out and come up with the perfect plan for moving ahead. And then, again, when I got off track and disheartened…you were able to give me just the right words of wisdom to right myself and get back in the game.”
~Deborah Globus, LaPadre

Let’s Get Pickin’…

If you have ideas to expand and explore, wrangle, sift through or clarify, use the form below to send me a note about what you’d like to pick my brain about.  I’ll email you back with how I can help and we’ll schedule a time to mingle our minds.

Got questions? Use the form below to ask away :+)

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