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The world is ready for your writing, but...

Is your writing ready for the world?


Don’t let mistakes mess with your message and kill your credibility


Crys Wood

(thats me!)

I’m Crys Wood, the copyeditor + proofreader and Kindle ebook formatter at Paper Crane Publishing. To my (and my clients’) delight, I’ve assembled a career from my innate pickiness and lifelong love of words.

Like all copyeditors and proofreaders, I correct the spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and typos that can mess with your message and kill your credibility.

But I also fact-check the name of every person, place or product that appears in your writing (because they’re not always what we expect) as well as verify the content and source of any quotations (because things can go awry there, too).

And because I’m also a writer, I appreciate that your unique writing voice has a distinctive tone and, for me, that outranks the rules. If you’re one to invent words or abuse grammar to make a point, I understand that (because I also do that), and I’ll leave those bits alone.

I’m very good at this work, and I love doing it. If you’d like me to do it for you, click Learn More for a list of what I look for when I polish and perfect your writing, my policies, and pricing.