I’m Crys Wood, the copyeditor + proofreader and Kindle ebook formatter at Paper Crane Publishing. To my (and my clients’) delight, I’ve assembled a career from my innate pickiness and lifelong love of words.

In addition to excellent spelling, grammar, and research skills, I bring exceptional creativity and clarity to my clients’ writing projects through my education, training and experience in both architectural and instructional design. These authors, entrepreneurs, and organizations value my insightful questions, thoroughness and sense of humor.

After living along the east coast for almost 50 years, I moved way out west. Now I live in Big Sky Country with a sweet and cranky old man, a cat who is all that and more, stacks of books I haven’t (yet) read, and two or three books I hope to get written.

Because I’m also a writer, I appreciate each client’s unique writing voice and maintain their distinctive style and tone as I clear away the spelling mistakes and grammar errors that could mess with their message and kill their credibility.

What I do isn’t a simple spellcheck. Click here for a list of the things I’ll look for when I polish and perfect your writing » How I Can Help.