Happy New Year!


I hope you like your little Daruma doll! He’s pretty nifty to look at, and he has a purpose, too…

A centuries-old Japanese tradition says that if you make a wish, Daruma may grant it. It also says if you set a goal with your daruma and work toward it each day, you will accomplish it by year’s end.

I dunno about you, but I’ve got more from workin’ than from wishin’, so here’s how to enjoy your daruma in the working way:

  1. Get a daruma doll
  2. Think of a specific something you’d like to accomplish in 2018.
  3. While thinking on your goal, color in one of his eyes (so he can focus on your goal with you). Tip: To help you focus, you may want to write your goal on his back so he can carry it for you, too.
  4. Put him somewhere that you’ll see him and he’ll see you.
  5. Work on your goal throughout the year, and when you accomplish it, color in his other eye – complete!

It’s tradition to burn him at the end of the year whether or not you meet your goal, so at the end of 2018, celebrate all your efforts and any success, then toss him in your fireplace or the recycling bin (he’s made of paper).

He was the best gift I could think of for you, because he’s both a stepping stone and a companion on the path to something you really want. And I really want you to have whatever it is that you really want.

Oh! You may have noticed that when he’s knocked over, he bounces back up again. There’s a Japanese proverb: Nanakorobi yaoki which means Fall down seven times, get up eight.

So: Choose a single goal, get a clear vision, stay focused, and keep at it until you reach your goal – even if you get knocked on your ass a time or two (or ten).

And when you reach your goal, celebrate your success!

And if you don’t achieve your goal, celebrate your effort!

As my gramma would tell you and my mom would show you, we celebrate every damn thing :-)

Big love,