Copyediting + Proofreading
for your BOOK And content marketing

Here’s How I Can Help...


I don’t make deep cuts in your work, such as reordering words or sentences; that's the work of a content editor/line editor.

I’m the person who puts the finishing touch on your writing so mistakes don’t distract from your message. Before you send your work to a designer, submit it for publication, or press the Publish button, hire me to spot and fix:

  • typos

  • autocorrect that’s incorrect

  • spelling and grammatical errors

  • capitalization and punctuation errors

  • formatting inconsistencies (hyphens, numbers, styles, etc.)

And also:

  • fact-check names and verify quotations

  • highlight sentences and flag areas that need clarification

  • standardize your document’s formatting, and

  • do any structural cleanup needed to prepare your work for its next step.

This is not a simple spellcheck but a thorough scrub, buff, and polish of your article, sales page, email series, or manuscript. While I can’t promise the result will be absolutely perfect, I can tell you it will be darned close.

2018 Pricing

6¢ per word + $60.

Know your word count? Type it in below to get an instant quote.

Your project price will be:

Don’t know your word count?
No problem! Here are some examples...


up to 1,000 words
sales page, service page, email series

$60 + $60$120

2,500 words
a major blog post, article for submission

$150 + $60$210

5,000 words
one month of weekly articles, 8 to 10 short blog posts

$300 + $60$360

10,000 words
freebie, subscriber bonus, white paper

$600 + $60$600

20,000 words
a brief Kindle book on a niche topic

$1200 + $60$1200

30,000 words
a longer Kindle book on a niche topic

$1800 + $60$1800


  • For projects over 1,000 words: Your project price will be calculated using your exact pre-edit word count.

  • Projects over 10,000 words receive a $60 discount.

  • Prices are based on your projects total word count. So, if you send me five 1,000-word blog posts, the price would be $360 for 5,000 words, not five posts at $120 each (totaling $600). If you have questions about this, send me a note.




  • I only work with DOC or DOCX files for Microsoft Word.

  • Your project will not be subcontracted to someone else.

  • Your project will be completed in 1 to 4 weeks, depending on its length and my project queue. We’ll agree on a deadline before I commit to your project.

  • I don’t accept rush jobs.

  • For projects under 10,000 words, the entire work fee is due with our signed work agreement.
    For projects with 10,000 or more words, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is due with our signed work agreement. The other half will be due on delivery of your finished work.

  • Payment and a signed agreement are required before I can schedule your project.

  • Could you use continuous copyediting + proofreading to support your content marketing? Ask me about my monthly retainer option » Contact Crys.