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Crazy Ideas:
Printable Sketchbook Pages for Creatives

Click here for the R-rated version of this printable (includes an F-bomb)

Looking for somewhere to put your ideas? Here’s a printable with 15 different page layouts (shown below) and a bold topper to headline your creative genius.

With lines and frames, these pages offer space for any creative mood, whether you want to sketch or scribble, or both.

Designed by a fellow creative who wanted spaces built to suit whatever craziness she had in mind ;-)


This is a printable, which means it’s a PDF digital download that you can have right now – no waiting for something to come in the mail.

Designed for standard Letter size paper – 8½" x 11" – these creative pages will fit the binders and folders you already have (or can easily get).

Every journal and sketchbook offers blank or lined pages, but very few have both, and it’s a rare thing indeed to be able to mix-and-match pages designed to suit the varying types of ideas you have.

These printable pages have 15 different combinations of lines, frames, and blank space so you can 1) choose the layout that’s a fit for the idea you have at the moment, and 2) print only the number of pages you need of the types of pages you use – no more half-empty sketchbooks.

They’re built to suit any kind of idea, whether you’re filling a folder, building a binder, or papering your walls with wonders.


  • 15 sketchbook page layouts - 1 blank, 7 lined, 7 with frames (shown below)
  • Prints on Letter size paper: 8½" x 11"
  • Prints great on both color and black & white printers
  • PDF file for immediate download (link will arrive by email)
  • Adobe Reader required to open PDF file




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